Website by Mark Lewis the4Rgroup

I don’t have any particular style to my graphic works. Trends come and go, and being a contemporary designer means that I have to echo that, to an extent, and go with them. At the moment there’s still a lot of silhouetted imagery going on with my work, so being able to call upon references such as Saul Bass and utilise high contrast ‘shadow graphics’ within what I create is really useful.

But I like to think that I’m versatile enough to continually re-evaluate my approach to whatever project I’m currently working on.

One thing that never goes out of style for me though is the need to sketch and scribble out ideas. Whenever I’m asked to talk about my work, especially with students, this is one area that I can’t highlight strongly enough. The need to doodle and scamp, to get ideas down onto paper I find really important. I always keep a sketch & ideas book on the go too, chock-full of printed ephemera, photos & post-cards.